iKINGs’ Society

About Us

The “iKINGs’ Society” is a group of dedicated students from Christ King College who are involved in the development of the official website, christking.lk. Our society is focused on leveraging technology to enhance communication, information sharing, and engagement within the college community.

Through the development of the website, we aim to create a user-friendly platform that serves as a hub for students, teachers, parents, and alumni. Our goal is to provide easy access to important resources, such as academic information, event updates, announcements, and other relevant news.

The iKINGs’ Society strives to foster a sense of unity and connectivity among the college community. We believe that an efficient and well-designed website plays a crucial role in promoting effective communication and collaboration.

By continuously updating and improving the christking.lk website, we aspire to create an inclusive online space that reflects the values and ethos of Christ King College. Through our efforts, we aim to strengthen the bond between the college and its stakeholders, facilitating a vibrant and thriving community that is well-informed and connected.