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An Experience That Lasts a Lifetime

Established in 1943, Christ King College is dedicated to cultivating gentlemen who lead change. With a multicultural environment that embraces diverse identities, the college encourages the free exchange of ideas. Balancing tradition and adaptation, it upholds a rich history while embracing innovation for excellence. Beyond academics, the college fosters integrity, leadership, and social responsibility. Through extracurricular activities and community engagement, it nurtures well-rounded individuals who positively impact society. Committed to holistic education, Christ King College equips students with the skills and values needed in a rapidly changing world. With unwavering dedication, it continues to shape future leaders, ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

Latest Up Dates

Celebrating 80 years of excellence at Christ King College

Join us on Facebook Live on November 24th at 8.00 a.m.

ART DAY (Primary Section)

ART Day programme will be held on 21st November at 9.00 a.m in the school main hall.


Commerce Day programme will be held on 07th July at 8.30 a.m in the school main hall.


Art day programme will be held on 22nd Octomber at 9.30 a.m in the school mail hall.

Christonian Sports Stars

Christonian Wrestling Stars

All Island 1st Place – Pranod Diluranga
Under 20 (79KG-89KG) 

All Island 2nd Place – Iman Silva
Under 20 (70KG-74KG)

Congratulations Christonian wrestling stars for your outstanding achievements! Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off. Well done!

Christonian Cricket Stars

Congratulations Christonian cricket stars for your outstanding achievements! Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off. Well done! 

Christ king College Under 17 Cricket Players Samidu Maduranga & Sharith Sudeena Selected to Under 17 Provincial League Colombo North Team.



Education at the College transcends book and quill, seeking to mould a holistic personage out of every student. Employing the finest teachers in every field and equipped to support all learning needs, the Christ king College strives to produce individuals who make meaningful contributions to society.

Clubs & Societies

The Christ King College celebrates the freedom given to its students to express themselves. The College provides a plethora of clubs & societies to select from and the liberty to found a new community. This is the birthplace of idea-driven individuals that seek to make a difference in the world.


Taking the field with glory and honour, the gentlemen in Red and Yellow are shaped to be the epitome of humility in victory and graciousness in defeat. With camaraderie born of hardship and perseverance birthed by adversity, sportsmen at the Christ King College strive to reach ever greater heights.

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